Rent An Apartment


Most factors determining apartment security are inborn. If your apartment is always insecure, since you are limited to the kind of improvements you can make yourself. Therefore, before renting an apartment, take out our security checklist card, pick a safe apartment carefully and take precautions after moved in, to ensure your apartment security.

Before renting an apartment, you should check:

1.    Visibility of public areas

Part of apartment security relates to outdoors. Make sure hallways, entrance, sidewalks, stairs and parking lots are well lit 24/7 and are not threatening


2.    The landlord’s sense of responsibility

The landlord needs to have a good reputation to fix burned out lights and damaged door entrance quickly, it will lower the apartment security, shadows provide places for criminal to hide, and broken door locks always attract burglars as they are opportunist


3.    Renter's insurance

This is important to have insurance to protect your belonging, as you are limited to improve an apartment security on your own

When moving into an new apartment, make sure:

4.    Change all apartment locks

Change all the apartment locks for your apartment security, latch lock with deadbolt for entrance door, keyed door locks for internal doors, to make sure no one has the spared keys


5.    Windows have secure locking mechanisms

Security is normally poor for a rented apartment, especially windows, makes sure all windows have functional locking mechanisms


6.    Install home alarm system

This is the best apartment security solution, as it is easy to set up, and is a one-time investment, as the alarms can be brought along with if you move to another apartment


7.    Keep your assets in a safe

Similar apartment security practice as safes can be reused with moving to a new apartment


8.    Always lock your sliding glass balcony door with Charley bar

Balcony is always good opportunity for burglars, even on upper floors, as it provides a ground to stand on. Keep your balcony door close always with a Charley bar or a wood board in the runners to keep the door from being forced, to ensure apartment security


9.    Know the neighbors

Get to know the neighbors and watch out any suspicious people on the premises. It is part of apartment security as mobility of tenants is relatively high.


10.  Use your last name on your door or mailbox

It prevents others to know your personal details like name, gender or how many people live the apartment


11.  Have a peephole to identify visitors

Use peepholes to identify everyone visiting you, ask for identification for strangers even if they are in uniform before opening your door.