Yale Home Security Checklists - Improve Your Home Security


Your home may have existing problem against the home security. Take out Yale home security checklist card and take a look to the major spots in order to make your home less of a target to burglars.

Below are the checklist to check your home security:

1.    Replace hollow doors

Get the right entrance door, simply knock on it, if your door is hollow, and replace it with fiberglass, solid wood or metal.

2.    Replace all broken door locks

A good home security does not allow any deficient door locks. Replace any broken door lock under the below instructions.


3.    Install keyed deadbolt lock in exterior doors

At least install a deadbolt to enhance the security of external doors, it effectively prevents from simple lock breaking techniques such as lock bumping. Replace with door handle-set or digital door lock to enhance home security if you have budget.


4.    Install cylinder guards in exterior door locks

It prevents removal or damage of door cylinders by hammering, wrenching or prying.


5.    Replace flimsy strike plates and secured by 3-inch screws

Beside door lock itself, deficient door component lowers your home security too. Replace flimsy strike plates and secured by 3-inch screws.


6.    Secure loosen hinges

Re-screw the loosen hinges. You can also replace the existing door hinges with ball bearing and non-removable pin to enhance their durability and security.


7.    Fortify door frame

Burglars are able to intrude your home by breaking or prying the door frame. Secure door flames to the wall by installing several 3-inch screws along the frame and doorstop, the screws should reach the wall stud to enhance your home security.


8.    Install door viewers and door guards

Door viewers and door guards allow you to identify visitors without direct contact with them, thus enhancing the home security.


9.    Eliminate or trim trees and shrubs in the yard

Landscape visibility is also a main factor of home security. Although natural inclination can block vision from neighbors and street passersby, it is better to consider it from home security standpoint instead.


10.  Use door locks on garages and storage sheds

Its purpose is to achieve home security by keeping tools especially ladders that burglars may use to reach upper windows inside and out of sight from burglars.


11.  Use outdoor lighting to keep all entrances well-lit

Photosensitive lights can be used, as it switches on automatically when night falls to eliminate hiding places for burglars to achieve home security.


12.  Install Glass break detectors on windows

Glass break detectors are able to detect the glass breaking sound to scare off intruders and alert your neighbors to enhance your home security.