Yale Home Security Checklists - Before You Are In Vacation


Before you are in vacation, keep your home security is a necessary. This is one of the things you do not want to be worrying about while you’re on vacation. The best way to ensure your home security is to prevent it from being obvious that you are gone. Burglars tend to go for easier target to avoid face to face with homeowners.

Here are some home security tips:

1.    Set the lights in timers

Put the lights of your house on timers and set the program to light up your house in random – different times on different days. This illusion ensures your home security by leading a burglar to think there is someone in the house.


2.    Cancel the newspaper delivery

Outdated newspaper in the stoop answers the burglars that there is no one at home. To ensure home security, cancel the newspaper delivery to prevent your stoop from piling up.


3.    Ask relatives/friend to pick up the mail / hold the mail at the post office

Same home security technique as cancelling newspaper delivery.


4.    Leave the car parked in the driveway


5.    Store the valuables in the safe

Ensure home security by hiding the valuables from anyone who may be peeking through your windows, and acts as a secondary line of defense once burglars break in.


6.    Lock all doors and windows

The most important home security procedure to lock all doors and windows before vacation. With the home unoccupied for so many days, anything can happen.


7.    Set the alarm system

Make sure you have set the alarm system to protect every door and window. You can set to detect any motion at some part of your house, of example, the area where you place your safe.


8.    Inform your trusted neighbor

You should inform your trusted neighbor to keep an eye to your house during your vacation. An trusted neighbor is always the most intelligent to keep your home security They can call the police, on determining different situations.