Belongings Security

Most people have relatively small items of high value such as jewelry, cameras etc. in their home. With the rise in identity theft, it is also worth considering a safe in which to store important documents such as passports and birth certificates. High security electronic safes will be the perfect choice for storing valuable belongings against fire and burglary. Cash boxes are important to secure your money. You can also lock your drawers or cabinets with indoor padlocks for securing your less valuable belongings.

Home Safes

Home safes are the premium choice for securing your valuable belongings. Get a general picture of what to secure by the safes, according to purpose to secure , their sizes and type of installation.


Burglar-resistant: Valuables such as jewelry are attractive to burglars; make sure to buy a certified security safe. When choosing this type of safes, consider:

·          body and door thickness: thicker is better

·          materials: hardened steel is better

·          door gap: laser cut door can minimize the gap between the safe body and door to prevent burglars from cracking the door

·          door bolts: harder safe door bolts can effectively prevent anti-sawing

·          door hinge: hinges can be reinforced to withstand stronger physical attack by hammers

Fire-resistant: Valuables which are sensitive to temperatures and humidity such as paper documents and digital data e.g. passport, external hard-drive, CD Roms or tapes, choose a fire safe for them.


Safes are provided with wide range of sizes to choose from, where each is tailor-made for different product usage: documents, data, jewelry, passports, certificates and more.


Installation of safes includes:

·          floor/wall mounted: fit by using drilling holes in the floor/wall and fix with bolts, with advantage of easy installation

floor/wall fitted: fit into the cavity of floor/wall and pour in concrete, which increases the difficulty in attacking the safes

Cash Boxes

To keep your belongings from your maid or children, cash box is a good choice to secure and manage your cash, recipients, cheques, stamps and more. It is a low cost belongings security solution.


You can enhance the security of drawers and cabinets by adding indoor padlocks to their handles and keep your belongings away from your maid or children.