Yale Home Security Quiz

Are you the best friend of burglars?

People seldom awares of their home security.Your home can be easily broken by burglars, just as you are their friends! Take this quiz to see how is your home security level, according to your habits and home security hardware!

1.     If you have planned to go out in several hours or days, before you leave, you will:

a.     set the timer to turn the interior light on and off

b.     turn on the interior light

c.     switch off all the light


Home Security Tips: Keeping the house dark or turning on the lights whole day gives an apparent signal to burglars who pay attention to your house for hours that no one is home. Automatically turning the light on and off in random by timers or in suitable time by photosensitive lights can confuse burglars and ensure home security.

2.     If you are in vacation, how will the people know you have left:

a.     through facebook, twitter etc.

b.     through your recorded message in the phone

c.     only close relatives, friends, neighbors or on one will know

Home Security Tips: It is like an open invitation for burglars to break in if they know you are in vacation through social media or recorded message in the phone, as it indicates that you are away from home. It threatens your home security as burglars are always aware of opportunities.

3.     If you are in vacation, you will:

a.     clear any trash in your outdoor garage bin before you leave

b.    call the post office to hold the mail, or ask a friend/relative to pick up your mail

c.     do nothing with outdoor garage bin or mail


Home Security Tips: Either full mailboxes or empty outdoor garage bin indicates that no one is home. Occupied homes product garage and collect mails at least every few days, you may have a neighbor to do these for you to enhance home security.

4.     What situation will you keep your door unlocked?

a.     When you go to somewhere nearby in a short time

b.     When someone is at home

c.     Never

Home Security Tips: Never leave your door unlocked. An unlocked door is nothing to do with your home security. Remember, burglars can sneak in and steal your things fast in just a few minutes.

5.     If you go out for several hours or days, you will:

a.     lock all doors and windows every time

b.     do nothing with doors and windows

c.     lock the major doors and windows

Home Security Tips: Lock all doors and windows anytime if you are not at home to make sure your home is secure.

6.     Which option describes your yard / pathway and entrance best

a.     sufficiently bright, trimmed tree and shrubs which create clear lines of sight

b.     Little light, with high hedges and other obstacles who block your sight to some spots

c.     totally in dark and is blocked by obstacles

Home Security Tips: Anything which provide a room for burglars to hide will threaten your home security. Trimmed tree and shrubs and sufficient lighted yards can create clear line of sight.

7.     Which option describes best on you and your home alarm system

a.     you remember to turn on/off and switch the mode everytime you leave or enter the house

b.     Goes off so often, your neighbors think it’s your doorbell

c.     you have no home alarm system


Home Security Tips: An alarm system works as a preventive measure to intrusion. This is now an essential component of home security, but without turning on or falsely alarm often will eliminate its preventive purpose.

8.     The front door in your house are secured with

a.     Double deadbolt locks with keyed and thumbturn

b.     Single deadbolt lock

c.     Single latch lock

Home Security Tips: Deadbolt locks are more fit to home security purpose to resist from opening the door by applying the force to the bolt, as they have spring to hold the bolt in place, therefore a deadbolt cannot be opened except by rotating the cylinder.

9.     If being locked out of your house, how will you get back in?

a.     The spare key hidden somewhere outside your house

b.    A locksmith is your only solution

c.     Use tool shed to unlock the door or just kick the door

Home Security Tips: This is a wrong concept if the spare key is hidden around home instead of leaving with a trusted neighbor, as an experienced burglar can find your spare key easily. The double deadbolt locks is a least to ensure home security which is hard to unlock the door except by a locksmith.

10.     Which option describes best on the security of other part of your house     

a.     your windows have no locks

b.     your back door has only single latch lock

c.     hinges or strike plates are flimsy

d.    none of the above

Home Security Tips: To ensure the security of every part of your house, please read Yale home security checklist and secure every spot of your home.

11.     How is your relationship with your neighbors?

a.     friendly, we will chat sometimes

b.     seldom care each other's business.

c.     know each other well, like the habits and schedules etc.

Home Security Tips: Trusted neighbors are important to your home security for many reasons. It is safe to keep spare key with a trusted neighbor and will secure you from locking yourself out, a neighbor can keep an eye on your home, pick your mails, fill the trash in your recepticles when you are away.