Yale Digital Door Lock Tutorials


Which Digital Lock Is Right For You

Year on year the electronic capability of keyless digital lock becomes more sophisticated, digital door locks are now the representative in terms of front door security and convenience. Keyless access control is becoming more and more widespread within residential areas, and I expect that you will be the next.

Seeing this dramatic increase in demand for digital door locks, there is variety of choices in the market with multi-functions. It’s important to recognize your specific needs before you buy it.

Digital evolution is coming closer and closer… let’s face it!


I can first conclude that - buying a digital lock is like buying a smartphone, but why? Read below and you must agree with me.

Try to remember why you purchased your new smartphone or HDTV in the beginning. If you only seek for basic function of a cellphone, a Nokia traditional model can satisfy your need, same as TV case. Undeniably, you are the one pursuing the most convenient life and the ultimate lifestyle brought by the newest technology. So purchasing a digital lock is the same, just in different aspect.

When you purchase a new smartphone, what will you consider first? 3G/4G? Display size? Speed? All these features contribute how convenient this smartphone bring to you. Then it comes to style, finally the price. You will pay for the newest and most advanced model instead of saving your pocket.

Buying a digital lock will have the similar consideration. Convenience comes first, followed by style, security level and finally the price.

·          Preferred method of entry & Features

·          Style

·          Level of security

·          Price

Preferred method of entry & Features

Digital locks provide you alternative method of entering your front door which suits people in different characters:

·          PIN code recognition: This type of digital door locks add peace of mind by remembering a code. It can be easily shared with everyone, in any place and time by texting them. But if you are in bad memories, avoid these digital locks. You will lose your “key” by forgetting the code.

·          Proximity card recognition: This type of digital door locks grant access by scanning a proximity card which is small enough to place in your pocket or wallets. Perfect for you if you are not get used to remember numbers. But if you are a careless person, you still need to rummage in your bag to search keys.

·          Biometric fingerprint recognition:

No fumbling for keys or forgetting your code. Just press your finger on the digital lock and you’re in. The only concern is its price.


Level of Security

Most digital locks follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade specification.

·          Grade 1- Best

·          Grade 2 – Better

·          Grade 3 - Good

Just go for the security level that you can afford. Grade 2 or above is already enough for securing your family and home.


Setting budget for digital lock is similar to buying a smartphone, remember you are:

Purchasing to unlock the potential of your home security and convenience

Also, a digital lock is more durable than a smartphone. Therefore, don’t limit on your budget, focus on the security and convenience features you need under reasonable price!