What Benefits Does A Digital Lock Bring You?


No more rummaging through pockets or bags

Did you ever aware of how many steps it can be to open a front door? Search for keys in your bag, pick a right key, drop the key carelessly, plug your key in but is been upside down, turn your key but in wrong direction? Digital door locks allow you to access your home easily in one step: press your finger on your digital lock sensor.

No more locking the door

You must have experience carrying a lot of stuff after going to supermarket, spending most effort to open your front door then seek for the help of your third hand to lock the door? Digital door locks will be automatically locked as the door closes, eliminating the risk of forgetting or finding difficulties to lock the door every time you exit or enter your home.

No more forgotten keys

Do your children always forget their keys, sitting outside the house or hanging around waiting someone comes back? Digital locks ensure this problem is eliminated, as the keys are already inside their fingers.

No more losing keys

You may hit hardly at your head or your children’s if the key is lost, since you have to find a locksmith to change the entire door lock, or you will worry about a burglar breaking your home after picking the keys. Digital door locks are able to solve all these issues.

No more carrying a key

Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a key around when you are running or walking with your dog Just press your finger to digital lock sensor or type in pin code for trouble-free access.

No more spare keys

Whether how many family members, trusted friends, neighbors or cleaner you have, digital lock keyless feature save all expense and procedures of finding the locksmith to duplicate spare keys for each of them.

No more insecure

Digital door locks can eliminate all the risks of losing the keys to forgetting to lock your front doors, most of them are SMART alarms too towards burglary, vandalism and fire.