Understand The Features Of A Digital Lock


Why will digital door locks become every homeowner’s favorite?

It should be a topic beyond dispute. Despite the same security level as typical mechanical door locks provide, digital locks offers alternative authentication methods and multiple features.

Digital locks shift our lifestyle, leading us to the new digital era with keyless locking solution!


Authentication methods

In the past, only one authentication method is available for any door locks – mechanical key.

If you are a lazy or careless person, you will suffer a lot from forgetting to lock doors or bring keys, losing your keys, rummaging through your bags for keys etc.

Digital door locks offer variety of authentications to choose from, certainly suit every particular need of yours and provide complete piece of mind.

PIN codes: Digital locks using numerical code for authentication are typically named as keypad a digital lock, which accepts combination lengths usually between 4-12 digits long. It does not require users to possess any physical implementation to gain access.
Security tokens: Some digital locks require scanning a security token for authentication, usually a proximity card, which is tiny enough to put into your wallet.
Biometrics: On the forefront of digital lock technology sits biometrics as its powerful and unique identification. It refers to any locking system (mainly door locks) which uses a person’s physical unique characteristics like fingerprint, hand geometry, eye scans or voice to verify his identity for door access. This type of digital locks is most advanced with one-touch door lock open solution.

These hi-tech authentication methods are undoubtedly a century breakthrough in door lock history, which bring you brand new convenient and secure experience!



Additional Features

Digital locks breach the limitation of mechanical locks. Impossible features become possible through digitizing the door locks:

Various accesses: some digital locks allow multiple access solutions at your convenience, e.g. you can still access your front door through a proximity card even if you forget the PIN code. In the past, you have to contact the locksmith to change the entire door lock.
Automatic locking: most digital door locks automatically locks a door after checking it is properly closed
Alarm: Digital lock allows the compatibly as being a SMART alarm as well to alert burglary, vandalism and even fire.

Digital locks change people’s definition on door security. The digital era has begun… are you ready?